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Apple Apple Pencil Pro

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    Pixel-perfect precision

    Write, sketch, and draw with precision.

    Low latency

    Feels as natural and responsive as using a pencil on paper.

    Tilt sensitivity

    Tilt Apple Pencil for shading and other effects.

    Pressure sensitivity

    Responds naturally to pressure, from a light touch to a deeper press.

    Attaches magnetically

    Stay ready when inspiration strikes.

    Wireless pairing and charging

    Automatically pairs and charges when attached.

    Supports Apple Pencil hover

    Preview your mark before you make it.

    Double tap to change tools

    Quickly switch between tools.

    Barrel roll

    Rotate the barrel to change orientation of shaped pen and brush tools


    Opens a palette to switch tools, line weights, and colors.

    Haptic feedback

    Feel feedback when squeezing, tapping, and more.

    Easily find Apple Pencil in the Find My app.

    1. Advanced features like squeeze, barrel roll, and haptic feedback
    2. Apple Pencil hover to preview exactly where Apple Pencil Pro will touch down on the display, and double tap to quickly switch tools.

    1. Easily locate it in the Find My app.
    2. Compatible with iPad Pro 13-inch (M4) ,iPad Pro 11-inch (M4), iPad Air 13-inch (M2) & iPad Air 11-inch (M2)

    1. Great for digital art
    2. Attaches magnetically to your iPad

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