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EcoFlow DELTA Pro Remote Control - Black

Brand: Ecoflow SKU: EFDP-RC-50049001

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Product Code: EFDP-RC-50049001

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    The First Remote Control for a Portable Power Station
    Designed for DELTA Pro.
    Ideal for storing your DELTA Pro in the garage, storage bay, or below deck.
    Connect Via Bluetooth or an ethernet cable & get a second screen right where you need it.
    Smart Display Shows how much energy you’re using, the remaining battery time.
    Convenient place to turn on/off the AC outlets, DC outlets, or entire unit.

    1. Power Station Remote Control
    2. Compatible with Ecoflow DELTA Pro

    1. Smart Control
    2. Two Ways to Connect

    1. Ideal when you have the Delta Pro out of reach.
    2. Comes with Wall Mounting Plate


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