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Baseus GF5 Car Wash Spray Nozzle Black 30m Water Pipe

Brand: Baseus SKU: CPGF000201

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    Provides high spraying power. The spray gun has four integrated elements that increase the water pressure
    It has 5 spray modes: rain shower, large mist (to clean the roof), small mist (to clean the car body), high pressure (to clean the wheels) and low pressure (to clean the windows)
    The mode changes with a nozzle and the water flow is controlled by a single button
    The sprinkler has an elegant matte finish and the comfortable ergonomic handle fits well in the hand
    Telescopic structure: once filled with water it can be extended three times and it is easier to rinse it from the water
    It will withstand ever lower temperatures.
    The handle is made of metal and the tube is made of TPE with a long service life
    Material: aluminum, ABS, TPE, polyester
    Dimensions: 196.3 x 157.3 x 38mm
    Length of the telescopic tube: 30 m
    Weight: approx. 225.6 g

    1. High Pressure Nozzle
    2. 5 Spray Modes

    1. Compatible with most faucets
    2. Aesthetic & minimalist.

    1. Easy to store
    2. It can be used not only for car washing. The sprinkler is also useful in the garden or to clean the terrace

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