Rolling Square inCharge XL 3M Cable Black

QAR 11,84 QAR 189,00

Universal cable cord's patented design allows you to connect any portable device to any power source for charging: USB-A to USB-C, USB-A to Lightning, USB-A to Micro USB, USB-C to USB-C, USB-C to Lightning and USB-C to Micro USB

Multi-device phone charger cable can charge virtually any device from any powersource

It allows data transfer and ultra-fast charging up to 100W and Apple's fast charging up to 27W

Removable Adapters

The sliding adapters, which allow for 6 charging configurations using a single charger cable, are designed for easy attachment and removal, in case you do not need them

Ultra-Fast Charging With the USB-C to USB-C cable 100W power supply, this fast charger can charge your laptop, tablet, and any cell phone at maximum charging speed

Made to last forever, that’s why we designed a new cap that protects the connectors when not in use and attaches directly to the USB-C cable/micro USB cable/lightning cable, so you never lose it

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