MOFT Snap Invisible Phone Tripod (MOVAS) Black

QAR 119,25

Capturing inspiration instantly has never been simpler. With a swift flip, this powerful tripod unfolds effortlessly, making it easy to pursue your creative passions.

The patented triangular design structure unfolds from a flat card-sized object to a solid support base.

Its unique design has been thoroughly tested and proven, ensuring stability at the center of gravity.

Raises phone cameras up to an impressive 8 inches in height.

This makes it perfect for capturing moments while vlogging, attending video meetings, live streaming, or taking photos at events.

Full Adjustment, Flexible Angles.

Strong magnets and a hinge mechanism allow the origami design to unfold for an adjustable angle range across three versatile modes: Floating Mode, Vlogging Mode, and Stand Mode, that can be tailored to your needs.

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